Why my Seedbox is slow?

Why my Seedbox is slow?

If you wondered why your Seedbox is slow, you came to the right place.

Upload speed depends on a lot of factors. From our end, short fluctuations of the network connection will also in a turn cause sudden drop or burst in speed.

If they occur, they will be short-lived and will stabilize in just a few minutes. If a serious drop in network speed happens, we always get a report of this incident so we can respond and resolve the issue the soonest possible time.

Demand and Peering

A few other things that affect your speed outside our scope are the demand of the torrents and the peering from your tracker.

A decline or increase in speed for a torrent in a matter of a few days to a week is quite common.

If you are seeding new torrents, the demand from peers is very high and the response of your bitTorrent client will be to connect and seed data as much as possible. After a few days, a lot of your peers will become seeders themselves thereby increasing availability and greatly decreasing demand.

Server Downtime

One important factor from the tracker side is downtime of their servers. This may not mean complete unavailability of the tracker. A lot of times, only a few torrents experience peering issues for a few hours. Hardware used on servers have their own limits and handling hundreds, if not thousands of torrents daily will surely bring temporary issues to trackers.

A combination of other little factors contribute to variations is speed. If you feel the overall usage of your seedbox is very slow, let us know by opening a ticket in your client area.

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