Remotely add torrents to Seedbox with Google Chrome

Downloading a torrent tracker from the website and then selecting the tracker file and then uploading on your seedbox can be quite tedious sometimes, especially if you are downloading small files.

For Google Chrome

IMPORTANT! Always remember to log in to your ruTorrent webUI before using any of these plugins.

Step 1

Download the chrome extension from here Remote torrent adder: Torrent Adder Chrome extension

Step 2

Go to Settings in the Chrome menu. Check, if the Remote torrent Adder has been enabled, and then click on Options.

Step 3

Choose extension from the menu on the left, then scroll to the Remote torrent Adder extension and check, if it is enabled, and then click on Options.

Step 4

Click add server and select rutorrent WebUI and then click add

Step 5

Insert your seedbox details follow by below example

Step 6

To test it, lets go to and download some files. Choose movie and right click on the button arrow.

Step 7

Verify in your seedbox interface the torrent you added.

That all !

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