Firstly, connect seedbox using putty using ssh.

Hostname: IP Address
Port: Seedbox Port
Connection Type: SSH

Setting the rclone connection

  • Type rclone config in terminal.
  • Then enter n for new remote connection.
  • Name – declare anything, google drive 
  • Type of storage – 13, for google drive.
  • Google Application Client Id – Leave to default by Press Enter
  • Google Application Client Secret – Leave to default by Press Enter
  • Scope that rclone should use when requesting access from drive. – 1, Full access all files, excluding Application Data Folder. \ “drive”
  • Fill in to access “Computers” folders. (see docs). – Leave to default by Press Enter
  • Needed only if you want use SA instead of interactive login. – Leave to default by Press Enter
  • Edit advanced config? (y/n) – n
  • Use auto config? – n
  • If your browser doesn’t open automatically go to the following link: https://accounts.google.com/o/oauth2/auth?access_type=offline&client_id=202264815644.apps.googleusercontent.com&redirect_uri=urn%3Aietf%3Awg%3Aoauth%3A2.0%3Aoob&response_type=code&scope=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.googleapis.com%2Fauth%2Fdrive&state=xxaassddqeweqe131ferferfr65464814
  • Log in and authorize rclone for access – Enter the verification code you get from browser then press enter
  • Configure this as a team drive? – n
  • Save the remote – Y
  • Quit the setup after finish – Q

Video Tutorial

How to clone your files from seedbox to google drive

Start cloning your files from seedbox to google drive.

Step 1

Connect to seedbox via ssh using putty

Step 2

Pm admin, admin will setting a script for you. When the script is ready, proceed to next step.

Step 3

Run the script by type


Step 4

Done. Now your files are backup to your google drive.

*Only run the script 1 times only. No need to run many times as the script will spawn multiple and duplicate process.

**You may close the putty after run the script. The script will run your backup until finish copy to your google drive.

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