Open VPN Setup

In this tutorial we will explain how to use the VPN that is provided with your Seedbox.

Step 1

Download OpenVPN from this website open vpn for seedbox

Step 2

Install the software and run it. Make sure to install TAP drivers when there is a popup.

Step 3

Download the zip file from the OpenVPN link provided in your email or whatapps

Step 4

Open the folder location of the OpenVPN config folder on your HDD. The below screenshots will help you with the process.

Step 5

Insert the openvpn configuration you get from email or whatapps into the config folder.

Step 6

Run OpenVPN if you have not already done so and then go to the start up menu to find the OpenVPN icon and then click connect.

Step 7

And you are all set and you have connected to VPN provided with your seedbox.

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