FTP download using SmartFTP

This is a tutorial on how to download using FTP with a SmartFTP software.

Step 1

Download the software and then install it on your laptop or pc

Step 2

Create new connection

Step 3

Insert below information with your seedbox information provided by email

  • Protocol: FTPS (Explicit)
  • Host: Seedbox ip
  • Port: Seedbox port
  • Username: Seedbox username
  • Password: Seedbox password

Then, click ok

Step 4

A popup will come out, just click yes

Step 5

Navigate to “rtorrent/download” folder

Step 6

Right-click on any files you want to download then click download

Step 7

A popup will come out and ask you where you want to save the download file. After choose your folder, click select folder.

Step 8

The download will start after your click select folder.

Step 9

You can increase the speed of the FTP by changing the workers. I increase it from 1 to 20. That is what we call segmentation download. As you can see below the speed are increasing slightly.

That all !

Free smartFTP – 64 bit only

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