Android FTP Connection

This is a guide to download files from your seedbox using FTP on Android phone.

Step 1

Download in playstore apps called “AndFTP” and install in on your phone.

Step 2

Lets start add new server by click the + symbol

Step 3

Follow this example how to login to server. Change with your seedbox details you get from email.

  • Hostname:
  • Type: FTPS (Explicit over TLS/SSL)
  • Port: 2018
  • Username: user01
  • Password: password01
  • Local dir: leave it default
  • Remote dir: leave it default
  • Resume: tick √

Step 4

Click save, a pop-up window will come out, save the FTP configuration

Step 5

Navigate to rtorrent/download folder and choose your files you want to download.

Thats all.

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